Aishwarya Item Number In Shakti : The Power


Ash paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan for the movie Shakti: The Power. Before this movie this couple featured in some super hits like Devdas and Mohabbatein. This movie was directed by Tollywood director Krishna Vamsi.


This movie revolves around a character Nandini (Karishma Kapoor) who has escaped from India to Canada. While her opponents are trying to stop her Jaisingh (Shah Rukh Khan) helpsĀ  her. This Ishq Kamina song features as Jaisingh’s introduction.


Jaisingh is a low ordinary labour guy. According to his character this song was planned. Aishwarya Rai features in a low class maid’s dress which was designed by Mandira Shukla. The song was shot in an open bar setting.


Very active movements in the dance and hi beats in the songs rocks mass audience. Anu Malik composed this song. Farah Khan choreographed the dance movements.



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