Item Numbers In Billu


The latest release of Shah Rukh Khan Billu came with not one but three item numbers with three lead heroines.

In this movie Shah Rukh has acted as a film star. This story line gave scope all three item numbers to fit properly in the movie.

Om Shanthi Om
girl Deepika Padukone has paired once again with Shah Rukh khan in an item song. The song Love Mera Hit Hit was shot in a beautiful setting. This is the first item number for Deepika, performed very well. By this song she showed that she is ready for item numbers too.

Marjaani is another item number for Kareena with Shah Rukh. After watching her in Shah Rukh’s  Don movie there were a lot of  expectations in this song. This song is shot in an open set. Kareena and Shah Rukh rocked in this song.

You Get Me Rockin & Reeling was shot with Shah Rukh and Priyanka Chopra. This had the feel of a Hollywood song. This is the first time for Priyanka Chopra starring in a full length item number. Among  the three songs this  is the best. For this song, complete credit goes to the technicians.

Finally King Khan proved once again he is always number one. Who will break this record of featuring more than three item songs in their movie? We’ll have to wait and watch.


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